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The survival of Reynard

(perhaps we are all blind to the natural world)

As a blind author, I wrote this book to highlight the damage that we, as the human race, are doing to our planet as a whole, but in this instance, I focus on a Red fox in the countryside of the United Kingdom.

I became blind suddenly at the age of 64 years, and when I say suddenly, I mean I went to bed with near-perfect eyesight and awoke the following morning completely blind; this was a shock, as you can imagine, at the time.

Anyway, there are thousands of people like myself who have suffered similar events, so I will not go into the details because my story is not about me and my problems as I want to highlight the broader issues that we all face on planet Earth going forwards in the hope that I can leave a legacy for all to read and digest.

So, as you may guess, I created a fictitious fox named Reynard to give you an insight into the world of wildlife and its struggle to survive against all odds in a world hell-bent on killing them all.

I hope you will be interested sufficiently to buy my book or, at the very least, give me a five-star rating on Amazon because this helps my charities and good work going forward.

My book can be found on Waterstones and many other leading bookstores around the world, but the most popular these days seems to be Amazon.

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